I came from Kentucky to Asheville and started using Dr. Yoon. He's been absolutely great, as a dentist and as a person. He's a perfectionist and his work shows it. I have a long dental history all of my life, and I'm very happy to be using Dr. Yoon. I have a low pain threshold for dental work, and he's always ensured that I never had any pain with the work, including fillings and crowns. I've been totally pleased with the fit of a permanent bridge he did. I won't be changing dentists as long as he's in practice. I heartily recommend him and his staff

- Alvena F., January 2017

Dr.Yoon is so nice and caring, not just about your teeth but you as a person. He takes great care of my entire family (wife and two children) and does it with respect and a gentle touch. Never had any issues with bills or hidden fees in the 10 years we have been going to his office. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great dentist.

- Noah C., January 2017

My family and I have been regular patients of Dr. Yoon for over eight years now. I am a retired dentist and contrary to a couple of negative reviews, Dr. Yoon is an excellent dentist who is concerned about the welfare of his patients. Today my wife and I enjoyed our regular hygiene visit with very professional and capable dental hygienists. The rest of the staff is great, and it is a pleasure to be patients of Dr. Yoon.

-Richard and Heidi L., January 2017

Been a patient of Dr. Yoon for years. Very professional and trustworthy. The staff even introduced me to dental insurance that made my visits less expensive! Even with paying for the insurance. Awesome.

- Rock R., January 2017

Dr. Yoon and his staff are exceptional. They are always friendly, helpful and professional.  I have always hated going to the dentist until Dr. Yoon.  Up to the point, I had neglected some dental work prior to Dr. Yoon because of it. Due to his  "bedside" manner, him being methodical, and explaining in detail what is about to happen I no longer have a fear or dislike for sitting in a dental chair. At least his.  He has done major and minor work for me and all has been a very positive experience.  I have also been very satisfied with the quality of work.  His Dental Hygienist Ashley is also great.

- Matt W, February 2017

Dr. Yoon and staff are wonderful. They were accommodating, friendly helpful. They were knowledgeable about insurance and understanding costs. Dr. Yoon is patient and allows you to express your opinion and concerns. He talks with you about options and treatments. I am thankful to have found them. I also had a great cleaning experience. Thank you.

- Marci C. April 24, 2017

I have been a patient of Dr Yoon for over 10 years.  I highly recommend him as a highly skilled and caring dentist.

- Barry T., April 2017

I haven't been to a dentist since moving to Asheville in 2013. Dr. Yoon and his staff were sooooo nice and soooo good at what they do! I have never had a more thorough exam and comfortable treatment as I had in their hands. Thank you, Dr. Yoon!

- Dawn H., May 25, 2017

Very professional dentist with a wonderful friendly staff! :)

- Sandra D., October 9, 2017

Loved it everyone so nice and friendly...glad he's going to be my new dentist!!!!

- Nancy M., November 15, 2017

Dr. Yoon and his staff did a wonderful job fixing my teeth! Working with Dr. Robinson, who did my 3 implants, Dr. Yoon and his staff did my 3 crowns which are beautiful! The process was efficient, communication was clear, the "vibe" was always positive, and I now have a big, beautiful smile!

- Judy P., July 18, 2016

I've had terrible experiences in the past of dentists not being gentle, overcharging, and honestly just doing a terrible job. Dr. Yoon presented me with all my options before he did anything, and is very fair with what he charges. Most important, the experience is always zero trauma.

- Karen L., November 30, 2016

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